Attention KEC members using a Bill Pay Service offered by a financial institution to pay your monthly statements:

Please be aware that the date you give the financial institution authorization to make the payment, is not the date your statements are paid. KEC’s experience has been for accounts using this type of service that the financial institution may hold payment for up to 10 days before mailing, delaying receipt of the payment up to 14 days.

Something to consider, KEC offers a free service that takes away worry and uncertainty of paying your electric bill. The Automatic Bank Draft option drafts funds from your checking or savings account on the date the bill is due. Call a Member Services Representative at 800-888-2731 or set up drafts online using KEC's Customer Service Portal.

Budget Billing

With Budget Billing, the amount of your bill will be based each month on an average of your current bill and your previous 12 months bills. When using this service, this means you may not pay the same every month, but it will be close to the same, and this way you avoid a catch-up month. To qualify for BUDGET BILLING, your account must be connected for a full 12 months billing period with payments made on time.