I.          OBJECTIVES

A.  To know, understand, support, promote and contribute to the achieving of the Cooperative’s objectives as established by the plans, policies and procedures of the Cooperative.

B. To promote prompt and courteous service to the members by assuring the highest possible degree of power quality, which will provide for continuity of service to the members, and maximum safety for employees and the general public and promote goodwill between the Cooperative and its Members.


A.  Should be familiar with RUS standards and specifications, National Electrical Safety Code Standards and other applicable regulations pertaining to constructing primary and secondary line installations.

B. Frames and installs, on the ground or in the air, pole top assemblies, to include vertical and crossarm type installations.

C. Maintains and installs underground facilities.

D. Installs and removes poles, crossarms, insulators, transformers, capacitors, regulators, oil circuit reclosers, switching gear or any other special equipment.

E. Attends and participates in safety and job training meetings.

F. Observes all safety rules and standards.

G. Responsible for safe, correct use, and preservations of all tools, vehicles and special equipment assigned.

H. Complies with all traffic laws and regulations while operating any of the Cooperative’s vehicles.

I. Maintains a working knowledge of all major policies, procedures, rates and terms and conditions of service of the Cooperative.

J. Assists in the implementation and maintenance of the sectionalizing on KEC distribution.

K.  Provides meter reading information when required.

L. Patrols lines and makes necessary repairs.

M.  Makes voltage checks, takes AMP readings, reads regulators, takes reading on other special equipment.

N.  Installs and removes meters as directed.

O. Provides dispatcher with account information as required.

Q. Must be proficient in hot line work procedures.

R.  Be familiar with owners manual/operating instructions of vehicles and equipment they are working with.

S.  Must have ability to read and/or draw staking sheets when required.

T. Performs other duties as directed or required.

U. Physical demands required by the job includes: occasional lifting and carrying of heavy objects, considerable walking and standing, some pulling, pushing, stooping, kneeling, and reaching, considerable exposure to wood treated products, dirt, water and weather extremes.  In addition, the job necessitates considerable climbing and major exposure to energized line hazards.


A.  Internal:

     1. Reports to: Manager of Construction, Construction Foreman

     2. Other Cooperative Personnel: Assists and maintains communication with other staff    and personnel as required.

B.  External:

      1. Member/Owners: Approaches each member and public contact with the intention of making a favorable impression that will present a friendly and professional image for the Cooperative.


A.  Education & Training:  High School Diploma or equivalent required. Additional training in electrical technology preferred. Five years with a utility with actual work experience in line construction, maintenance and equipment application required. Completion of Apprentice Training preferred.

B.  Abilities & Skills:  Should possess a working knowledge of specifications of line construction RUS approved materials, line voltage segments and right of way procedures. Must have an understanding of line phasing, OCR’s relation to fuse coordination and types of equipment needed. Must have a thorough knowledge of the National Electric Code, the National Electric Safety code and KEC’s Safety Policies. Must make decisions when added help is needed or as to any unsafe condition. Must possess good oral and written communication skills.

C. Personal:  Must possess the attitude and aptitude to exercise good judgement and personal initiative.  Must perceive this position as an opportunity through which KEC ultimately meets the needs of the members.  Must have the physical ability and manual dexterity to operate all machines in the department.  Must practice acceptable personal hygiene and maintain a clean and neat appearance.  Must be able to report to work as scheduled and successfully pass a physical examination to perform the essential job functions with reasonable accommodations.

D. Working Conditions:  Exposure to varied weather conditions, such as:  dust, dirt, rain, ice and varied temperatures.  Hazards of electrical shock, falls, burns, old poles, falling objects, ice covered poles and prolonged driving.  Required to work overtime under adverse conditions and for prolonged periods during emergencies.