This position will play a major part in insuring that the Cooperative will be the member/owner’s electric power supplier of choice by rendering dedicated service to the Cooperative on a daily basis. It will follow the objectives and responsibilities listed below, but will in no way be exclusive to only these guidelines.  Management reserves the right to assign additional or different duties as needed and required.

I.              OBJECTIVES

A.   To provide assistance to the Manager of Engineering in determining new load specifications so that proper and adequate service is provided to each electrical service on Kiamichi Electric’s system.

B.    To coordinate, schedule, track and inspect right of way maintenance activities as directed.

C.    To become an effective part of the engineering team by becoming familiar with the overall operation of the system and to contribute ideas that will improve the effectiveness of Kiamichi Electric’s system operations.

D.   To maintain a flow of communications with the Manager of Engineering on any pertinent items that affects Kiamichi Electric’s management decisions.

E.    To support Kiamichi Electric’s policies, including safety and to adhere to those policies in every situation where applicable.


A.   To propose/design line extensions and existing service modifications of all multi-phase and single-phase facilities as well as stake system improvement projects on Kiamichi Electric’s system with the most efficient, cost effective and practical manner being used that will be consistent with Kiamichi Electric’s approved construction methods and Board Policies.  Create electronic staking sheets using the automated staking program for new line extensions, existing service modifications, right of way clearing projects as well as system improvement projects.

B.    Generate staking sheets for right of way-clearing for new and old right-of-way maintenance to be cut and/or sprayed.  To coordinate, inspect and track right-of-way maintenance that has been performed, according to KEC’s current easement standards ensuring no deficiencies.

C.    To assist the mapping department in making any necessary corrections to Kiamichi Electric’s system maps.

D.   To assist as required in any other job assignments for the necessary operation of the cooperative as assigned by management.

E.    Perform maintenance inspections of Kiamichi’s system as directed and create work orders and/or service orders as needed for repair.

F.    To perform the inspection of poles on Kiamichi Electric’s system and create automated or manual staking sheets of the poles that need to be replaced.

G.   To perform an inventory of pole attachments on Kiamichi Electric’s system for the purpose of billing these attachment companies.

H.   Ensure that all new electrical installations will meet the most current addition of the National Electrical Safety Code as well as any other required codes.

I.      To become familiar with Kiamichi Electric’s line extension policies and communicate these policies to any prospective member.

J.     To become well versed in all electrical metering applications, including the installation and operation of equipment to perform the proper metering for the type of service for each facility.

K.   To assist in determining load specifications and contributions in aid of construction for any new large power loads.

L.    To attend meetings, when necessary, to develop future plans, confer on any existing problems and exchange any necessary information that will help to improve Kiamichi Electric’s operations.

M.  To maintain and use any tools, vehicles or special equipment assigned in a correct and safe manner.

N.   Observe and adhere to all safety rules, standards and procedures that Kiamichi Electric has implemented as a policy.


A.   Reports to the Manager of Engineering or CEO as required.

B.    Directs or supervises the following:  None.

C.    Internal Relationships:

  1. Manager of Engineering:  Assists and keeps informed on any necessary matters that pertain to the Engineering department.
  2. Manager of Engineering:  Assists and keeps informed any pertinent information about existing or new right-of-way situations that may need attention.
  3. New Services Department:  Maintains a good flow of information with the members of this department to adequately complete any new service line extensions or upgrades in electrical service requested by prospective or existing members.
  4. Other Cooperative Departments:  Maintain rapport with all departments in providing and securing information relating to member accounts.

D.   External Relationships:  Member/Owners

  1. Assists the member/owner in making proper decisions concerning the installation of their electric service.
  2. Explain Kiamichi Electric’s policies, procedures and services offered to member/owner.
  3. Provides information and advice to member/owners as they request and does everything possible to maintain a good working relationship with member/owners and the general public.


  1. Considerable field work in all types of terrain and during all weather conditions will be required. 
  2. Subject to the exposure of poison ivy, poison oak, insect bites and stings, and several other types of nature’s creatures, including snakes. 
  3. Will be required to work overtime, when needed, due to emergencies that could be of long durations under harsh environmental conditions.


A.   Education and Training:

  1. A minimum of six (6) hours of math at the college level is preferred, with an emphasis on geometry.
  2. A Bachelor of Applied Science degree preferred.
  3. Previous training in mechanical drawing and surveying preferred.
  4. Three (3) years experience in applying RUS specifications to electrical distribution line design preferred.
  5. Completion of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives “Staking Certification” courses, levels I, II,III & IV (on-job training).

B.    Abilities & Skills:

  1. Must have knowledge of the installation, construction and design of electrical distribution systems that comply with Rural Utility Services’ specifications and the most current version of the National Electrical Safety Code book.
  2. Must be familiar with all electrical distribution equipment that is used on a Rural Electric Cooperative’s system.  This will include:  oil circuit reclosers, auto boosters, voltage regulators, step up/down transformers, distribution transformers, capacitors and any other apparatus pertinent to the operation and maintenance of Kiamichi Electric’s electrical system.
  3. Must have knowledge of the operation and use of surveying equipment along with some training or experience in actual surveying activities.
  4. Must have the ability to clear troches or paths to allow for the actual staking of distribution line extensions.
  5. Must be in good physical condition and capable of walking distances in excess of 5 miles under harsh weather conditions including but not limited to above 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures and below freezing temperatures.
  6. Must have good written and oral skills.
  7. Good computer skills are required.